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Youth Aggregation Center: an indispensable resource for community development


Over the past 20 years, the development of gathering spaces in our country has occurred in connection with that of youth policies. From the enactment of Law 285/97 ‘Provisions for the promotion of rights and opportunities for children and adolescents’ (and the related Fund for Children and Adolescents) we then moved on to the establishment of the Ministry of Youth (2007) and the Fund for Youth Policies, with the development of regional framework agreements that always included a boost to the start-up and/or support of these spaces.

Law 285 of August 28, 1997 is part of a complex and fundamental legislative framework aimed at promoting the rights, quality of life, development, individual fulfillment and socialization of children and adolescents.

Aggregation, therefore, is now recognized as a fundamental need of young people and adolescents and as a privileged area where they can experience the game of life.

Therefore, the Youth Aggregation Center is not understood as a service specialized in a problem and aimed at a predefined target group, but as a meeting place where, with the help of trained operators, one gets to know oneself and others within a protected environment and in creative ways.

CAGs are a real opportunity to use one’s free time with the support of educational, adult and positive figures. In fact, a notable change in the culture of CAGs is the shift from the perspective of preventing youth distress and marginalization to that of promoting well-being and growth.


Why choose Euro&Promos for the management of outsourced Youth Aggregation Centers

Euro&Promos Social Health Care fits into this context with experience, dedication and a strong inclination to listen to the needs of the area. For many years we have been collaborating with various municipal administrations by managing Youth Aggregation Centers, particularly on Saturday afternoons, thanks to the team of professionals and educators attentive to planning engaging activities designed to promote social inclusion, personal development and creativity.

At the centers, teens (and families) have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities:

  • Creative workshops: mini-course in social photography, painting, drawing, creating with hands (e.g., String Art)-our creative workshops give kids the opportunity to express their creativity and discover new artistic passions.
  • Sports Activities: From soccer to basketball, swimming to dance – sports are an essential part of what we offer. Kids can have fun, exercise and learn the value of teamwork.
  • Academic Tutoring: We offer academic support to help boys achieve their academic goals. Experienced tutors are available to provide assistance in various subjects and to help boys develop effective study skills.
  • Cultural and recreational events: Conferences on sensitive topics such as bullying, nutrition or sexuality; concerts, plays, theme nights-our centers organize a variety of cultural and recreational events to entertain and inspire the youth of the community.The Youth Aggregation Centers are a free service, are open to all youth in our community, including families, and are a safe and welcoming place to grow, engage in discussion, and have fun together.


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