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Euro & Promos People

We believe that benchmarking is a key factor for the constant improvement of our services.

By the very nature of services and contexts in which we operate, we spontaneously chose quality as the leading value.

This means not only keeping ourselves updated regarding the state of the art in the different sectors in which we operate, using the most advanced technology and products, but also carefully selecting our employees and improve their specific skills through constant professional training.



We have always created quality of life in the workplace and we believe in continuous improvement.
We operate with professionalism and passion for the multiservice sector to ensure transparency and streamlined and organised work processes, both within our own companies and for the customer..

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Sorted abandonment

A typical Sunday activity: tidying up the garage. Every weekend, I see people who come here to the recycling point bringing junk they had forgotten for years, old Christmas gifts never used or appliances that needed to be repaired, but now are beyond the expiration date. I am here to make room and put things in order, managing the recycling point. Yes, even on Sundays.

Because holidays are the best occasions for cleaning the house. I’m here to help the undecided and to direct those who do not know how it works: “Excuse me, where is the place for timber?”. Precision and dedication to work are the values I believe in. Because when everything runs perfectly no one notices; we only take notice when things do not work.

And that applies to business management as well. Euro&Promos is a dynamic, widespread presence on the territory and it is extremely organised.

Here all waste is disposed of properly and any garage gets a new life. At least until next Christmas…

Vittorio, Head of a Recycling Point

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Being comfortable without knowing it

They do not realise it, do not notice, do not perceive it, but they’re comfortable. Yes, because when it gets too cold, too hot, there is a leak… all of a sudden they realise it.
And, quite rightly, they complain.

In my work I do not hear many compliments or thanks. No one ever stops me, saying “Filippo, the temperature in the Vivarium room is just perfect!”. In fact, for me, praises are those that I do not hear. Let me explain: no complaints, no observation and no perceived discomfort, these are my “thank you” notes.

Obviously, everything is done in accordance with the directives that allowed to Euro&Promos to get awards and certifications.

I deal with invisibility. Well-being is intangible, and that’s what I offer. Because being unaware of the service is the best service that we can offer..

Filippo, Technical Maintenance Manager

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The invisible freshness

One thing is sure, there’s nothing better than sleeping in freshly washed and ironed linen. I think that really helps our rest!

When I deliver the linen to the hospital I know we are, in part, contributing to the well-being of patients. Oh yes, because the life of a hospitalised person is bad enough in itself, at least it can be relieved by the freshness of clean and scented sheets.

But that’s not all, because in addition to the patients we also brighten the day of the doctors. In fact, we wash uniforms and medical coats, and practically we freshen up the entire hospital!

Euro&Promos is always fully committed to the timely delivery of linen , ensuring the highest service quality and always following our Management Model with regard to safety and confidentiality.

Because clean linen is an invisible pleasure: You do not know why, but you feel better.

Giulia, Quality control

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Logistics, the engine of business

We know, when things are well organised they work best. But as they have discovered at Wärtsilä SpA, that’s not the way we work.

No, with us processes are not only well organised, they are organised to perfection. Wärtsilä provides energy solutions for the land and marine industry and needs flawless logistics.
Our approach is global: from the transportation of primary components to their handling, from warehouse management to packaging.

Thanks to the logistics coordinated by Euro&Promos, companies can keep costs under control increasing performance.

While I check that each step is coordinated with the next, my colleagues advise the customer regarding any improvements to be made that can save time and money, but without ever affecting the quality of the final product.
A logic in Logistics.

Marcelo, Logistics and Warehouse Manager

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A night at the museum

I have just finished sanitising the floors of the halls on the third floor of the Museum and, still very taken by the beauty of the exhibited works, I go down the stairs. Passing in front of the office of the Director of the Museum I notice that the light is still on.

It’s 9 pm, everyone should be home at this time. Not her, she is organising a special exhibition for the next month.

I do not want to bother her and I have to continue with my cleaning tasks, because a manager should not deal with details. Those are the concern of Euros&Promos.

Once finished, I turn around and I see her standing outside her office, ready to leave at last.
She approaches me and tells me with a smile: “I do not know how the exhibition will be, but I wanted to tell you that I am always very happy with your work here at the Museum. The cleaning and sanitising of the premises are impeccable.” Such are the rewards of my job..

Silvana, cleaner

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Health cleaning

All encompassing care

While I’m disinfecting the coffee table, I hear: “Good morning!”. A lively voice, Mr. Favaro is awake. I apologise for the noise, but he assures me that he woke up earlier.

He has been in the hospital for a week now, due to a hernia operation, and now we have developed a kind of complicity. When his children come to visit him, they talk about what they will do together once he returns home: the environment around them helps them look to the future with serenity.

It is also thanks to this philosophy that Euro&Promos is constantly growing.

Being part of this great team is a real source of pride! If Mr. Favaro will have an early recovery, it will also happen thanks to the climate in this hospital: a quiet, clean and tidy place.

Because the people who are hospitalised here only need to concentrate on their healing, while we think about the rest.

Marta, Social-Healthcare Operator

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Health cleaning

Food service

A five star canteen

“I have lunch in the canteen” is a phrase that often means “I’ll settle for what they offer”. Not here, not in my canteen! I have been managing the canteen of this elementary school for four years and every single day I see children, who are notoriously the most demanding customers, eagerly eat the food that, with love, we prepare for them.

This for two simple reasons: we approach our job with passion and we use high quality ingredients.
We at Euro&Promos dedicate our maximum attention to catering.

In fact, our catering service brings together different skills: from kitchen staff to nutritionists and dieticians, in order to meet all needs of the users of the canteens we manage in a timely way.

Oh yes, because my kitchen only produces nutritious and delicious dishes, and our young judges confirm that to us every day.
How do I know? Yesterday, almost everyone asked me a second helping… of vegetable soup!

Caterina, Canteen Manager

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Food service


The game of silence

There he is, also today he is bent over his Criminal Law book.

He has a well-oiled routine, and follows it like a ritual. Comes to the library at about six o’clock in the evening, while I’m checking that returned books are not damaged.
Around eight he gets up, he goes out and crosses the road to go to the kiosk in front to buy a snack, then he comes back to his book, until midnight. Yes, because the library is open until late, for those like him who need peace and quiet.

I heard him say that at home he cannot study, because of his room mates. So he jumps on his bike and comes here to underline that giant tome.
From my desk, while reordering books, I notice that we both work with the same passion: his passion for his studies and my passion for those who come to the library, making sure they are catered to.

In Euro&Promos we all think that way.

While he, sitting at the big table at the back of the hall, finds all the serenity he needs: a quiet, clean and well organised environment.

Mattia, Librarian

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Health care

Bicycle diaries

When Luigi arrived at the structure, he went in seated on a wheelchair. At home he had fallen from the stairs leading to the cellar and an injury like that, at age 78, brings more damage than you can imagine. At first he was surly and aloof, uncooperative.

He did not want to do the exercises that I proposed him. The mere fact of making him stand up without hearing him grumbling was a sort of miracle. But, with each passing day, with kindness and extreme patience, I managed to get into his good graces. So, every time I went to meet him for his physical therapy, he proudly showed me his progress.

This is precisely the policy with which Euro&Promos addresses its work: honesty, integrity and the ability to listen are put at the service of people.

I could not hide my emotion yesterday when, together with his son, Luigi went to get an ice cream… on his bicycle. When I got back to his room, I saw a note on the pillow:

“You gave me back the joy of living, thanks for insisting.

Claudia, Physiotherapist

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Health care


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