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Euro&Promos, EcoVadis Gold medal in sustainability


Thanks to its growing commitment to sustainability, in 2024 Euro&Promos was awarded the EcoVadis gold medal, the top 5% of the world’s most virtuous companies in terms of Sustainability.

EcoVadis, the international sustainability rating, runs the first collaborative platform that allows companies to monitor their sustainability performance. As of the end of 2022, the EcoVadis database has over 90,000 companies rated in 175 countries and 200 sectors. The goal is clear: to improve companies’ environmental and social practices by harnessing the influence of global logistics chains.

EcoVadis has developed its own performance assessment methodology. The resulting assessment, which is highly accredited in the market, generates a ranking that can correspond to a so-called medal (or EcoVadis badge), a recognition of performance compared to other companies assessed in the database.

To be eligible for a medal, a company must achieve a minimum score of 30 in each of the four themes:

  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Labour Practices and Human Rights
  • Sustainable Procurement

EcoVadis medals are awarded to the best 35 per cent of evaluated companies, based on a company’s ‘percentile’ ranking calculated on all companies in all sectors.

In recent years, Euro&Promos has embarked on a path of consolidation on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility issues, which has taken the form of obtaining new certifications and recognitions, the publication of its Sustainability Report, and the increasingly in-depth and participatory involvement of all levels of the organisation.

The work carried out has led to a progressive improvement in the company’s performance in the ESG sphere, recognised through the upward trend in the score obtained.

This has meant that Euro&Promos is one of the few companies in the sector to have been awarded the Gold medal, significantly improving its ranking (previous award: silver category), going from the 85th percentile (2023) to the 95th percentile (2024).

More details on the Ecovadis website:

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