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Outsourced after-school management: not only homework help but also lots of sports


Entrusting  the management of your educational activity to Euro&Promos is a guarantee of high quality, continuous and consistent service, followed by a team of experienced and passionate professional educators.

It is for these reasons that Euro&Promos Social Health Care, in its after-school service, does not limit itself to offering support for the performance of homework, but also proposes a series of complementary activities that are at th

e same time essential for the well-being of children, families and the community of interest. In fact, a variety of sports activities suitable for all ages and skill levels are organized in collaboration with local associations and qualified instructors, such as tennis, basketball and swimming classes.


The importance of including sports in after-school management

The goal of these socio-educational activities is clearly to create a stimulating and inclusive learning environment that promotes the overall development of children. Sports are not only a fun way to stay active, but also offer a range of benefits beyond the playing field.
In fact, we believe that sports play a vital role in children’s growth, contributing not only to their physical health but also to their emotional and social well-being.

Here are some of the benefits that sports can bring to our after-school program:

Physical health promotion: Sports provide an opportunity for kids to move and exercise in a fun and rewarding way, helping to reduce the risks associated with sedentariness and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Development of motor skills: Through sports activities, children have the opportunity to develop and improve their motor skills, such as coordination, balance and endurance.

Learning important values: Sports are an excellent platform for teaching kids core values such as fair play, cooperation, respect for rules and teamwork.

Improved emotional well-being: Exercise is known to reduce stress, improve mood and boost self-esteem. Sports sessions can provide an opportunity for children to let off steam and relax after a day of study.

Promoting inclusion and socialization: Sports is an activity that brings people together, regardless of background or ability. Sports sessions in our after-school program provide an inclusive environment where kids can thus socialize and make new friends.


Why choose Euro&Promos for outsourced after-school management

Decades of experience, careful planning, certified service, and teamwork make Euro&Promos Social Health Care a guarantee of quality in outsourced after-school care management.


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