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Mirano’s “artist” grandmothers and grandfathers celebrate Frida Kahlo


A group exhibition involving 17 elderly guests of the Arcobaleno day care center in Mirano.

On Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 6 p.m., at the day care center on Vetrego Street in Vetrego dedicated to the area’s grandfathers and grandmothers, “Frida’s Feast” will be staged, an exhibition entirely dedicated to the Mexican artist whose work and colors have fascinated millions of art lovers.

The exhibition is the result of four months of activity, work and in-depth study. Seniors learned about the artist through biographical readings and screenings of some of her masterpieces.

During the study, aspects related to his life, personal characteristics and the area where he lived emerged. Songs from his home country were listened to and color brochures dedicated to the theme were studied. In short, the young-adult-artists engaged for weeks, later moving on to the creative phase, with the creation of paintings that reproduced the iconic image of Frida Kahlo. Everyone was able to customize their own canvas, selecting recycled materials and ornaments, and then the ever-present colors to make the painting even more vibrant.

The goal of the center, run by Euro&Promos Social Health Care, is to help seniors socialize and interact through playful moments that foster social relationships.

The elderly guests of the Rainbow Center actively participated in the creation of the entire project through stories, objects and manual activities. Now they will be able to share the achievements with their families” explains Deborah D’Avenia, head of Euro&Promos Social Health Care, a company that provides personal, welfare and educational services.

We want to thank the municipal administration of Mirano for the important collaboration and the operators: Francesca Fabris, Anna Formica and Iwona Szewczyk, engaged at the center. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, it was possible to make the project a reality and give a beautiful experience to our elderly.”