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EMAS environmental certification as a tool for sustainability

europromos certificazione ambiente emas

EMAS (Eco-Management an Audit Scheme) is a voluntary adhesion tool, useful to organizations that intend to commit themselves to evaluate and improve their environmental performances and to communicate the achieved results in a transparent way.

Euro & Promos FM S.p.A., one of the most important companies in the multi-service sector of “Integrated Facility Management” established throughout the national territory with a large customer portfolio both in the Public and Private Sector, already ISO 14001/2015 certified, voluntarily adhering to the EMAS scheme, underlines once again its commitment to improving its environmental performance, as well as to transparency through the publication in the Environmental Statement of its environmental policies and programs.

Adhering to this scheme, starting from full regulatory compliance, obliges compliance with management tools and methods to be adopted to achieve the performance objectives, independently determined by the organization. It corresponds to a real environmental management system, which allows the achievement of the objectives established in the environmental program, through the definition of roles, responsibilities, means, resources, procedures, training and monitoring and communication systems.

EMAS represents a shared choice, a constant commitment to the concept of sustainable development, aimed at the profound change taking place between man, the environment and economic development. It is no longer possible to delude oneself in the limitlessness of natural resources and to believe that the only desirable objective is a constant and exponential quantitative growth of the goods produced and consumed. The required change is impressive and is determining the start of a long and difficult international and European path of awareness and progressive definition of new integrated policies aimed at changing production models and consumption habits.

Euro&Promos with over 6,000 employees should feel responsible and share this line, placing this environmental commitment with strength and determination.

“Obtaining the EMAS scheme for all the services provided by Euro&Promos , raising the awareness of all the organization’s human resources towards eco-friendly efficiency, increasing the percentage of Ecolabel products and making resources more efficient (energy, cleaning products, auxiliary materials) involved in the process, are the goals set for the three-year period 2017-2020, “says Dr. Alberto Tavano Colussi, A.D. by Euro & Promos FM S.p.A.

And he adds: “Ambitious goals that our Group has set itself with strength and determination, aware that only with a proactive attitude is it possible to meet the challenges of the future, towards a development model that is fair and bearable by the environment that is always representing more a rewarding element compared to the competitors “