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Euro & Promos Facility Management: legality precursor in the services sector

legalità euro&promos anti corruzione

The legality rating 3 stars has been confirmed and the new ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Certification has been acquired.



The Competition Authority in the year 2019 reconfirmed the maximum score obtainable in terms of Legality Rating for Euro & Promos with the three stars for the validity of two years.

The ranking is an important tool that the Ministry of Economic Development has made available to companies to promote the principles of ethical behavior in the company. It is therefore a recognition that is at the same time an index of respect for the principles of legality and careful management of the business within the companies that request it.

The regulation provides for various requirements, ranging from compliance with the legality protocol signed by the Ministry of the Interior and Confindustria, to having adhered to ethical codes of self-regulation adopted by trade associations, up to the choice of adopting processes to guarantee forms of Corporate Social Responsibility.





Euro & Promos F.M. SpA, a leading company in the facility management sector with over 800 construction sites throughout Italy and over 5,000 workers employed, is the first service company in Friuli Venezia Giulia and among the first in Italy in the multi-service sector to have obtained the certification of its anti system corruption according to the international standard ISO 37001.


The company has completed an articulated and specific course and, after adequate checks, the certification has been issued by the SQS body, an authoritative and independent body, concrete evidence both of the absence of organizational deficiencies and of the adoption of an effective and appropriate anti-corruption organizational model.


The existence of a systemic approach for the management of corruption prevention represents a distinctive and forerunner element compared to competitors. ISO 37001 certification is a tool that demonstrates that it is possible to go beyond compliance with minimum legal requirements and adopt practices to prevent and combat corruption.


Through ISO 37001 certification, the company is able to increase the trust of the market and its stakeholders, ensuring security and respect for the legality of the organization for the performance of services, attesting to the concrete presence of internal control and prevention measures, which include the evaluation of ethical and moral integrity issues.


The ISO 37001 certification enriches the already proven Euro & Promos system structure, which already operates according to various international standards, including integrated ones, such as:

– ISO 9001 (quality)

– ISO 14001 (environment)

– EMAS (environment)

– OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety)

– SA 8000 (ethics)


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