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Euro & Promos and the University of Trento – Union of excellence for culture

In Trento the best University of Italy – The management of the University Library by Euro & Promos FM of Udine is now historic

Great satisfaction for the result was expressed by the rector Paolo Collini: “The first place among medium-sized universities, moreover with the highest score among all Italian universities, is a figure that confirms the top position that Trento has always achieved in this ranking. It is a demonstration of the quality of the work we have been doing for years “. But the satisfaction for this new recognition is great, and not only for the University, but also for Euro & Promos, historic partner of the University Library management.

The University of Trento is the best state university in Italy. To certify it is the Censis 2019/20 ranking published by la Repubblica which awarded a score of 97 points out of 110 to the University of Trento, which for the first time, after a few years of excellent placement in second or third position, has passed the other universities competitors of the reference band and ranked first among medium-sized universities (between 10 thousand and 20 thousand registered), ahead of Siena and Trieste.

Considering the six parameters taken as reference, decisive for the excellent performance of UniTrento in the 2019/20 ranking are the indicators: “internationalization” (104) and “communication and digital services” (103). The results obtained from “scholarships” (98) and structures (98) are also very positive.

Among the academic structures the University of Trento has invested heavily in its new Library designed by Renzo Piano and in the services provided to students and others. The BUC is undoubtedly to be considered a place destined to stimulate knowledge, the interaction between students and professors and the disciplinary study organized in small groups, providing concrete support (spaces and teaching material) and knowing how to respond to the needs of the student community, providing them adequate training and preparation.

From what emerges from the scores, it seems that the quality of teaching and the learning environment represented, as it should be, much of the overall score – explains Alberto Sbuelz, Director of the Culture Division of the company Euro & Promos, and continues – I believe that the first aim of the university is to contribute to the formation of the individual, his ability to develop critical, transversal, borderless thinking capable of responding to what the labor market demands. It is natural to include reading in this sense … or the service of the Library! Our staff has always collaborated with ideas, tips, initiatives, not stopping at the sterile “tasks” described in the specifications: they are knowledge mediators, not book distributors. This important result is, to a small extent, also due to them: Thank you! ”

The management service of the University Library has been run for over 5 years directly by Euro & Promos Facility Management S.p.A., with more than 30 people engaged in all the different branches in cataloging, front-office and reception activities. The know-how and long experience, with the help of specific software and operators in possession of all the cultural and technical requirements, ensure maximum reliability. Among magazines, scientific production, historical books, latest editions and electronic books, databases and materials for graduation theses, the offer is broad, complete and well organized.

Euro & Promos started working with (not only “for”) the University of Trento in 1997 and then from 2014, with an exemplary relationship of trust and proactive collaboration: a model of synergy between clients, designers and workers, who together deploy forces to create a space that is the best possible, for users and employees. It is something that would be desirable in every workplace: conception, listening, collaboration and implementation.

The Culture Division of Euro & Promos was born from a specific need for training and employment of specialists dedicated to the book heritage, the secular memory of man.

Euro & Promos, and the Culture Division, can boast important references throughout Italy, including public bodies and private companies, who have chosen to outsource the management of spaces and indirect services, completely entrusting the management of these services and the related coordination.

Various services are offered: from library management, to cataloging, passing through the front-office and reception (unarmed supervision, anti-shoplifting supervision, fiduciary concierge, reception, switchboard, ticket office, book shop), to arrive at the management autonomous of paper archives.