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Euro & Promos among the top 40 companies with the best performances

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In Top 500, a dossier on the top 500 companies of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with analyzes, data, comments and company stories, EURO & PROMOS FM SPA for the year 2018 is at position 35 among the top 500 regional companies.

Compared to 2017, in fact, a significant figure to be highlighted is found in EBITDA, from 8.3% to 9.4%, increased by over one percentage point.

In fact, despite the high competitiveness of the sector, in the last year the Euro & Promos trend is summarized in the awarding of public tenders and private tenders for over 25 million euros per year. Euro & Promos confirms itself as one of the main companies in the area and among the top 5 players in the sector in Italy. And it doesn’t stop. The Group aims at important objectives: to reach 200 million over the next three years, employing over 7,000 people throughout Italy.

Authoritativeness, solidity, trust of the market and of its stakeholders, which are also based on the reappointment of the maximum legality rating, the three stars, given to Euro & Promos by the Competition Authority in 2019.

Compared to the 200 million turnover target, the CEO, Dr. Tavano Colussi explains: “The Group has set itself these ambitious goals with determination and with certainty: we are now aware that only with this proactive attitude is it possible to collect the challenges of the future, towards a model of development that is still fair, a rewarding element compared to competitors “.

Investments will not be forgotten, fundamental to keep pace with the constantly evolving market. Therefore, compared to the near future, not too far, in particular for the development of the Private Division, important technological investments are planned to optimize the processes and activities, from those of function to those of business, in order to be even more efficient and propose, together with the current services, the distinctive elements, the pluses.

The control and supervision systems on which we will have to invest will allow for the optimization of costs, the maintenance of quality and safety standards, and the increase of a customer-centric approach” concludes the CEO.