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Euro & Promos: 200 million target over the next three years

alberto tavano colussi ammiistratore delegato euro&promos

Euro & Promos, one of the most important Italian companies in the multi-service sector, with 7,000 direct employees, a turnover of over 140 million Euros, does not stop and aims at important objectives: reaching 200 million over the next three years.

Indeed, when for over 20 years the increase in turnover and margins are constant from year to year, and, linked to them also the consistent increase of direct workers, it is easy to think that the objective is achievable.

The parent company, Euro & Promos FM, originally a cooperative, became a joint-stock company in 2017, thus aligning with the needs dictated by the market. That was the first step in a series of important developments for the Group.

Speed, energy, flexibility, investments, acquisitions, organizational changes, management renewal. These are the foundations that have made this regional reality a solid national enterprise, which can look to the future with optimism and, judging by the numbers, is not afraid of joining those of the big international competitors.

Present throughout Italy (with offices in Trieste, Venice, Belluno, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Cagliari, Catania, as well as a branch in Munich), from the Quartiergenerale of Udine important updates on the performance of the Group arrive, directly from the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Alberto Tavano Colussi, degree in Management at the L. Bocconi University of Milan and a previous career in an American Big Four. With passion and a lot of dedication he is guiding the company towards continuous growth.

A growth explained in this way: “The numbers are really important and it is thanks to the whole Team, from the Management to all the operators on the territory. The recipe consists of carefully measuring the ingredients: study, analysis, skills, leadership, teamwork, dedication to work and networking between collaborators and reference context. And then … undoubtedly the “Friulian” spirit, the sense of duty, of sacrifice, proud of what we do every day and of what we could become with our strength, for the growth of our territory and of the community. ”

Despite the high competitiveness of the sector, in the last year the Euro & Promos trend is summarized in the awarding of public tenders and private tenders for over 25 million euros per year. From this figure over the next three years the Group has recently set a challenging result, 200 million in turnover through various actions. From growth through internal lines – through the awarding of new public tenders and the signing of important facility management contracts with large national industrial groups, to growth by external lines – through the acquisition of business entities present in the core business and in related businesses .

“Only in this way the important players, such as Euro & Promos, will be able to move towards a circular, sustainable, green, technologically advanced economy: the enhancement of human resources and quality over cost are essential strategic assets for companies that look to the future. ”

Growth of turnover but also of margins – EBITDA expected for 2019: double figures – an element that is anything but secondary and not so obvious, which allows us to look around, anticipate the times and invest in synergic, similar, strategic and perfectly in the sector in line with what is required by the market, all supported by an equity and financial solidity that lead it to be a sector leader.

The CEO of Euro & Promos has decided on this front: “The path, now taken by our Group for some time, is considerable, but necessary, and represents for all a rich opportunity to be seized.” The CEO explained. “Euro & Promos faces the daily challenges. The services market is indeed profoundly changing and our strength is to understand market trends, anticipate them and understand that we are moving towards greater use of technology to make costs more efficient. ”The CEO unveils.

Investments will therefore be fundamental in these logics. In fact, compared to the near future, not too far, in particular for the development of the Private Division, important technological investments are planned to optimize the processes and activities, from those of function to those of business, in order to be even more efficient and propose, together with the current services, the distinctive elements, the pluses.

“The control and supervision systems on which we will have to go to invest will allow the optimization of costs, the maintenance of quality and safety standards, and the increase of a customer-centric approach.”

And with respect to the delicate man-machine relationship, he firmly states: “Our sector is typically labor intensive and will remain so because in our companies technological innovation will not eliminate jobs, but will bring new qualifications and professionalization of our collaborators. Therefore the proactive approach of the companies in the sector must necessarily include the new technologies, which will never replace man, but will favor it, going to improve the whole sector qualitatively. ”

An evolution that has already started. What has happened in recent years, in fact, has been a shrewd and consistent reorganization of the management and at the same time of the corporate structure, enhancing the existing figures through managerial training courses and inserting new professionals to support the new services offered, in search of new opportunities of the market.

Euro & Promos, after spending more than one million euros on technology and software in 2018, is creating a research and development department within its structure to be able to interpret the technological needs of the future, because “Our companies cannot be limited to to be simple service providers, but they must rely on digitalisation tools to contribute to the development of their clients’ culture and innovation. ”

The CEO explains precisely “We offer ourselves as a single and trusted partner on which the customer can rely on the management of spaces and non-core business services, choosing to completely entrust us with the management of these services and their coordination.”

Not only civil, industrial and sanitary cleaning, but also warehouse logistics, industrial and mechanical maintenance, disinfestation and deratization, wash-hire and industrial laundry, as well as social, educational and cultural management, reception, unarmed supervision and office management. Through the Group companies, various services are offered, all certified by the main ISOs (quality, environment, safety at work, ethics and, last but not least, the environment).

“The partnership relationship that binds us to the customer consists of a consolidated relationship over time and mutual trust” – continues dr. Tavano Colussi. That is why, among the main references of Euro & Promos, there are some of the most authoritative names that belong to different business sectors: heavy industry, paper industry, chemical-cosmetic, shipbuilding, engineering, beverage, small electronic components and manufacturing of household appliances.

The confidence of the market and its stakeholders, as well as solidity and authority, which are also based on the reappointment of the maximum legality rating, the three stars, awarded to Euro & Promos by the competition and market supervisory authority in 2019.

With respect to the 200 million turnover target, concludes the CEO, Dr. Tavano Colussi, with an overwhelming energy “The Group has set these ambitious goals with determination and strength, but with a certainty: we are now aware that only with this proactive attitude it is possible to meet the challenges of the future, towards a fair development model, a rewarding element compared to the competitors ”.