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europromos convegno stelline 2017

Euro&Promos F.M. of Udine features in two events on the themes of social inclusion in Italian libraries and the new Rules for Tenders.

As in past years, the Convegno delle Stelline will be held at Corso Magenta, 61 in Milan. Italian and international library science experts are this time invited to share thoughts and discuss about the subject of “open libraries”, i.e. the new social inclusion strategies defined by libraries, which are centres of culture par excellence.

Euro&Promos F.M. is one of the leading services companies in the field of cultural assets and library heritage management and, in addition to sponsoring the event, promotes two conferences addressing highly topical issues for the world of culture.

The first is held on 16th March, 10 am to 1.30 pm, in the Sala Porta. It is the fruit of a synergy amongst a group of expert librarians from across Italy; after working for months, they made possible this gathering of different people associated with the library science world. In fact the following persons have been invited to talk about the new ideas and initiatives adopted by their libraries: Giorgio Antoniacomi (manager of the Biblioteca Comunale di Trento), Claudia Giuliani (manager of the Istituzione Biblioteca Classense) and Nicoletta Bacco and Luca Mandorlini (head of Ravenna Council decentralised libraries, and E&P librarian of the Holden-Classense Section, respectively). The conference will be presented and moderated by Antonella Agnoli.

On Friday 17, 10 am to 1.30 pm, in the Sala Chagall, Euro&Promos lawyer Lucia Trevisan, the administrative head of Euro&Promos Clients Simone Bianco and lawyer Lorenzo Gennari provide a general outline of the main points and fields of application of the new Rules for Tenders pursuant to the Legislative Decree dated 19 April 2016.

“An important occasion,” Alberto Sbuelz, head of the Cultural Division and deputy chairman of Euro&Promos F.M., explains, “to get together and discuss Italian libraries’ future developments in the light of ongoing social transformations. The company talks to its clients every year in order to find the best solutions and strategies so we are ready for change. This symposium was vigorously promoted by a well-established workgroup of expert librarians and it is a tangible demonstration of the great importance of collaboration among public administration experts and professionals from the private sector.”