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Children’s City Councils: where children and young people become leading citizens of their city

The Municipal Councils of Children and Youth are strategic choices for education in democratic and civic participation for all citizens, and they become opportunities for positive action since the living conditions of children represent the primary environmental indicators of the life of the entire community.

In fact, through the R.C.C. the youngest generations have the concrete opportunity to participate and intervene in the political and administrative life of the community, gathering needs in the subjects of their competence. RCCs allow children, boys and girls, to exercise a form of active citizenship, concretely making their voices and opinions heard.

They are where children develop proposals to improve the city in which they live, collaborate in making important decisions that affect their area, and seek solutions to problems that affect them by bringing input.

In recent years, in Italy, the number of RCCs has risen sharply from a few dozen to several thousand, and it is steadily increasing thanks to the fact that many educational institutions are also undertaking the same choice made by civic administrations.

RACs are established by a formal act by the territorially competent municipality. Municipal administrations are thus active promoters of these councils, which are implemented in collaboration with the educational institution.


Why choose Euro&Promos for the management of Children’s City Councils

Euro&Promos Social Health Care runs several CCRs on behalf of several municipal councils, targeting primary and secondary school students. The youth group aims to create a full-fledged municipal council, which also includes a mayor at the head, with relevant aldermen and junta. Together they will present a project to the municipality, thus representing the ideas of the Working Group (and the community itself). The municipality formally commits to follow up on the proposed project.

The goal is thus to activate a representative process structured in several stages:

  • identification of a need related to the entire school community;
  • design and integration of ideas;
  • creative development and support of each individual’s skills;
  • confrontation with the adult world,
  • implementation of a project for the benefit of the community.


The commitment of the Euro&Promos team of educators is developed according to several activities:

  • supporting, conducting and managing the meetings of the young elected councilors;
  • organization/management of election campaign, election management and presiding over polling stations;
  • organization of training workshops on issues identified by the team, the City Council and the elected youths;
  • participation in public initiatives promoted by the City Council especially in relation to dates related to the theme of citizenship (some examples: Remembrance Day, April 25, June 2, November 4, Day for the Rights of the Child, City Council, etc. );
  • maintains contacts and creates opportunities for meeting/confrontation with different subjects.


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