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The Carbon Footprint, also known as the carbon footprint or climate footprint, measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product/service and is an important environmental indicator. It leads to improved energy and resource efficiency and significant cost savings.

Measuring the Carbon Footprint of a product or process/service requires in particular the identification and quantification of raw material and energy consumption at selected stages of the product’s life cycle.

After several months of study and collaboration with a number of important public clients and top-level industrial realities, Euro&Promos has achieved Carbon Footprint certification in accordance with the ISO 14067:2018 standard. The study, whose objective was to measure the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by sanitary, civil and industrial cleaning services, places the Friuli-based company among the most important players at national level in its commitment to reducing emissions that have a direct environmental impact.

The company, in addition to conducting the analysis and accounting of CO2 emissions, is therefore committed to defining a carbon management system, aimed at identifying and implementing those interventions to reduce emissions, economically efficient, using technologies with low carbon content.


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