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In 2016, Euro&Promos decided to acquire a company with over 25 years of expertise. This targeted acquisition gave us new competencies in the industrial maintenance sector.

Euro&Promos is now able to offer professional services in the fields of mechanical maintenance, structural steelwork, metal machining and processing, as well as industrial and plant erection and assembly. From small maintenance operations to significant interventions on industrial plants, the competence and the know-how acquired over the years allow us to carry out the most complex work and activities, even those requiring careful consideration of industrial safety issues.

We remain fully aware that our work may impact on a customer’s production processes, and we pay the utmost attention to maintain the full efficiency of the equipment and the entire plant in order to ensure continuity of operation.

Our “full service” and “global service” solutions provide an on-call 24/7 plant maintenance service. We usually carry out extraordinary maintenance work during scheduled plant shut-downs, where it is essential to operate with precision, organization and speed, with a large number of technicians, equipment and machinery, in order to ensure maximum flexibility.

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  • Steel industry
  • Nautical and naval sector
  • Port sector
  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector
  • Healthcare offices and facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Airports and logistics facilities in general
  • Shopping centres and corporate buildings
  • Real estate
  • Small and large-scale retail
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Agri-food sector
  • Beverage sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Glass sector
  • Ceramics sector

Offered services

We carry out work on structural metalwork and mechanical components of industrial plants. We are able to replace rubber and metal belts and conveyors, drums, rollers and metal junctions.
We use cranes and lifting equipment for a number of operations, including: mechanical maintenance of port cranes, replacement of cables, overhaul of braking systems, overhaul of structural steelworks, check, replacement and alignment of guide rails, changes to the structures following a specific design.
The work is carried out at schedules and intervals planned with the customer. We also carry out lubrication programmes and offer on-call stand-by services.
We manufacture, build and erect a wide range of steel and light alloy metalwork fabrication, as well as metal plate machining and processing.
Stainless steel is widely used in the naval, food and pharmaceutical sectors. We can manufacture ducting, piping and machines with satin and mirror polished surfaces as required.
We can perform a range of steel work and maintenance operations on ship equipment. We are authorised to carry out hot work.
Modification, commissioning and start up of new industrial plants. Installation of new lighting plants.
We work together with companies specialised in their respective fields to provide our customers with a complete, well-rounded and excellent service.
We use RINA-certified welding processes. Our welders are RINA-certified for electrode, continuous wire and TIG welding. We also offer special welding, wear-resistant facing, welding on stainless steel (AISI 304, 309, 316, 410, etc.), welding of copper and stainless steel, as well as bronze, cast iron, aluminium, cupronickel, Inconel and Monel welding. Hard facing, infill, and inserts for excavators and power shovels, consumable or worn steelwork, crushing plants.
Our services include the overhaul of gear reducers, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, machinery, and handling systems.
Our workshop is staffed with experienced technicians, specialised in machine tool work, able to provide a very fast solution to spare parts supply and availability problems.
We provide industrial and civil engineering services and we are authorised to work on gas and electrical plants in compliance with current regulations (Law 46/90 and DM 37/08).