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Euro&Promos – Logistics division was founded in 2000. An interesting gamble was that of logistics outsourcing, which saw its beginnings in the 1990s. The entrepreneurial idea was born from the desire to pour the skills acquired over years of work with multinationals into a customised project, not only in terms of skills in the supply chain and industrial relations management (trade union relations and contract change), but to face this new challenge with a different philosophy, in relations with customers and direct human resources.

Industrial logistics is as complex an issue as production and the attention paid to this type of sector can only be analytical and predictive.

The engineering approach both in the design of warehouses and their layouts is not enough: economic and administrative knowledge is also required. It is therefore necessary to develop and deepen skills in the management control field in order to share with customers the purposes of checking costs and commitments required.

The success of a logistics outsourcing project depends not only on an engineering approach, but also on the correct management of union relations and contract change procedures.

Choosing Euro&Promos as your business partner does not mean having only and exclusively monitored your stocks or shipments, but it means sharing the management of part of your business with a qualified and reliable supplier able to interface with the different departments of the company.

We strongly believe in transparent working methods, healthy relationships of comparison and sharing of company problems. It is in our desire to build long-lasting relationships aimed at professional growth over time, combined with structured saving.

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Euro&Promos as a Business Partner



  • Steel Sector
  • Paper Industry
  • Automotive
  • Harbour
  • Food&Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • GDO
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Household Appliance Sector
  • Electronic Sector
  • Glass Sector


The experience and consolidated skills place us in a position of absolute importance for the execution through the “turnkey” formula with a high degree of customization.
The objective consists in designing a correct management of the goods for the constant flow of materials on the production lines. A partnership project to all intents and purposes, of real integration between the parties.
The main company structures with which to interface on a daily basis to maintain excellent levels of performance are:

  • The Production Function for the management of the work plan.
  • The Procurement Function for the operational management of deliveries.
  • The Quality Control Function for the handling within the plant of non-free pass products that require certification and internal checks in the quality control area.
  • The Supply Chain Function, for coordination and material handling activities outside the production plant.
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Offered services

This is the service offered to production companies, particularly those with complex relations between departments. Consistent in the management of raw materials and components upstream and downstream of the Supply Chain.
Adopting integrated logistics solutions means entrusting a specialised and qualified partner with the management of the flows of your goods and products, which applies to production and distribution companies.

This proposal is aimed at all companies that intend to concentrate on the heart of their production, commercial or otherwise both. A “tailor-made“, highly efficient, flexible and sustainable logistics in relation to sales volumes.

The experience and consolidated skills, put us in a position of absolute importance for the execution through the “turn-key” formula with a high degree of customization, in activities related to:


  • Acceptance and quality control of raw materials and components for production (inbound flow)
  • Physical management (storage and distribution) of the finished products warehouse
  • Accounting management of finished products warehouse
  • Order management
  • Picking and preparation of shipments
  • Transport coordination
  • Document management
  • Carriers’ vehicle load

Euro&Promos, with twenty years of experience acquired in leading manufacturing companies in its sector, is able to out-source end-of-line assembly, quality control and finished product packaging activities.

The main operations carried out are:

  • Load of semi-finished products
  • Assembly of various components
  • Product unloading
  • Reader for incoming lot identification and traceability.
  • Label printing
  • Separation of good/waste parts
  • Separation of rejects according to the type of defect.

The entire process is always carried out with direct personnel and in full compliance with current safety regulations.

In order to protect the finished product during the subsequent phases (storage, transport, shipping), it is essential to select the appropriate packaging and install it properly, in compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

By adapting to existing flows or proposing customised solutions, Euro&Promos is able to support the logistics flow in this activity as well.

Responding to the specific needs of certain sectors, Euro&Promos is able to design and build customised packaging suitable for the finished product to be delivered, safeguarding the industrial component from stress during all transport phases.

Our company, certified by FITOK, is therefore able to provide its customers with certified solutions according to the regulations currently in force.
It is able to produce custom and non-standard certified wooden boxes, according to the regulations currently in force.


Certified Company

Euro&Promos FM’s commitment to effective service organisation, environmental protection, safety and respect for workers’ rights is attested by the certifications obtained.

Wooden packaging, produced by Euro&Promos on behalf of its customers, is FITOK certified, therefore suitable for trade between countries, in compliance with the FAO’s ISPM-15 rules on phytosanitary measures, i.e. treated so as not to spread harmful organisms, thus avoiding possible contagion with serious economic and environmental impacts on the world’s forest heritage.

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