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europromo mostra illegio

Euro&Promos will be among the institutional partners that support “Padri e figli”, one of the most important art exhibitions that Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Northeast will prepare to discover during 2018, for many reasons.

In fact, it will be possible to see works of extraordinary beauty for the first time in Italy, in particular 21 foreign works that have never been exhibited in our country and 4 completely new works for the panorama of art scholars (two from a London private collection, one from a collection) private bank in Brussels and a private collection in Milan).

Overall, there will be 60 masterpieces from Italy and abroad (Belgium, Croatia, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK), from important public museums and private collections, through a suggestive and refined journey due to the rarity of some iconographies and for the topicality of the themes.

The bond between fathers and sons and daughters will be at the center of the entire exhibition, which through exciting works and twists of art will revive the most enchanting and poignant, sublime and murky stories that like perennials will reveal what it means to be a father .

“Going through the ten rooms of the exhibition – says curator don Alessio Geretti – the visitor’s eye is captivated by divine profiles of tormented sculptures and impetuous chills of baroque chiaroscuro, by the delicate touch of medieval paintings or by glimpses of theater in romantic paintings evoke ancient pages. Also noteworthy is the presence in the exhibition of a dramatic masterpiece known to the whole world, through an impressive and masterful replica created by the Vatican Museums and today preserved in Bilbao in Spain: the Laocoon. Fruit of three masters from Rhodes, admired in Rome in the palace of the emperor Tito, found in 1506 and became the starting point of what we now call the Vatican Museums. »

The exhibition aims to offer to today’s man a theory of paternity, in this age of ours in which one of the most obvious anthropological problems is that contemporary man often does not know what difference there is between generating someone and actually becoming a father nor can he easily find ways of reconciliation and healing in the face of the inner wounds that remain in those who have not had a real father or suffered his contradictions and infidelity.  Organizer of the exhibition is the Committee of San Floriano, which from 2004 to 2017 carried out the international exhibitions at Illegio, as well as other exhibitions in Italy, in Brussels and at the Holy See.

For the first time in the history of Illegio’s exhibitions, many visitors and groups have already begun to book hundreds of tickets (using the special form on the site:, or via mail: show @ illegio. it), a sign of the strong perception of an exhibition that will leave the inside and the desire to avoid the queues that accompany an ever greater success.


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