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Cleanliness and freshness

Through a range of customised services for large and small structures, we guarantee maximum comfort and hygiene.

Our cutting-edge equipment, exclusively supplied to the laundry facilities of the group, enables the handling of large volumes with top quality.

In addition to flat linen (sheets, pillowcases, blankets and tablecloths), our laundering service also includes mattresses and pillows.

 We also provide the rental of linen, particularly for the hospitality sector. These, on request of the customer, can be customised and identified by passive RF chips and related bar-codes, which ensure complete traceability throughout all stages of the process.

Transport of the material is done through dedicated vehicles and personnel specifically trained to carry out this kind of activity.

Areas of intervention

Our areas of intervention in the civil sector are:

» Hotels
» Farm holidays structures
» Restaurants
» Communities
» Hospitality structures

Our areas of intervention in the healthcare sector:

» Hospitals and healthcare organisations
» Operating rooms
» Intensive care departments
» First aid structures
» Nursing homes
» Public and private hospitals
» Outpatient clinics
» Healthcare laboratories
» Practitioner facilities

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