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Cleaning respecting the environment

Each space open to the public can generate microbic contaminants that are invisible and therefore more insidious for human health. Removing dust, residues and dirt in general and ensuring microscopic hygiene, eliminating any bacterial or viral pathogen, involves planning, careful inspections and detailed analyses.

Based on the identified needs, we adopt environmental health protocols with standard or special procedures for sanitisation through deep cleaning, remediation and prevention on all surfaces.

Always respecting the environment and life, we also carry insect disinfestations, rodent exterminations or expulsions of birds.

We use only highly qualified personnel, able to carry out their duties with the utmost professionalism, combined with discretion and sensitivity.

We study methods and intervention procedures with low environmental impact to offer customers economy and
ecology with the same quality level.

Areas of intervention

» Hospitals and healthcare organisations
» Operating rooms
» Intensive care departments
» First aid structures
» Nursing homes
» Public and private hospitals
» Outpatient clinics
» Healthcare laboratories
» Practitioner facilities

» Offices and Banks
» Supermarkets and Shopping Malls
» Airports
» Trade fairs and convention centres
» School complexes
» Public facilities
» Manufacturing industries
» Food and Drink industries

Euro&Promos; - Health Cleaning
Provided services

Sanitising and environmental sterilisation

We carry out consulting services according to HACCP Systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control-Point) Legislative Decree, microbiological and bromatological analyses, pest control against cockroaches, bugs, moths, ants, fleas, ticks and wasps, specialised pest control against American caterpillars and legionella, rats and mice control, we offer pigeon deterrence systems; we carry out disinfection of pathogens and sanitation of air ducts.

Hospital cleaning

After inspections, analyses and consultation with the customer, we identify the most appropriate mode of intervention in places such as healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, homes for the elderly or dependent persons, carrying out preventive actions and remediation of all surfaces that can generate dirt and bacteria.


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