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Euro&Promos; - Courtesy and Respect

Courtesy and respect

We are a partner able to respond professionally and effectively to the growing demand for personal services in the social welfare, healthcare and education sectors.

Our management allows us to provide continuity and a constant quality of care, based on the centrality of the individual, where human resources, equipment and design converge to promote "the care giving covenant" with the person, his/her family and the community, through Customised Assistance Plans.

All proposed activities and services are built based on a preliminary analysis of the individual needs of the recipients, their original environment and their personal experiences.

We create innovative services, in constant compliance with the latest trends of welfare and social assistance.

Areas of intervention

» Residential and semi-residential facilities for the Third and Fourth ages, both public and private, for self-sufficient and less self-sufficient people

» Day centres for the Third and Fourth ages, both public and private

» Family homes for elderly, alone, sick and dependent individuals

» Kindergartens and school facilities

» Residential facilities and communities for disabled persons

Euro&Promos; - Health Care
Provided services

Management of residential facilities for the elderly

Global management of structures for the Third Age with a diversified user base (RSA, protected residences, nursing homes) in which we provide: 


  • Social, healthcare and personal care services
  • Healthcare and rehabilitation services
  • Entertainment and socialisation activities


  • Cleaning and sanitising services
  • Catering services
  • Linen laundry and hospitality services
  • Switchboard, reception, transport services, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and energy efficiency


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