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Energy sustainability

The purpose of our work is improving the conditions of people's lives.

We enhance the real estate assets of our clients through a set of coordinated services aimed at meeting the most rigid and specific environmental sustainability protocols for properties, in particular as regards the management and optimisation of energy resources.

We keep the state and climatic comfort of the facilities that make up the buildings unchanged over time, through the verification, implementation, programming and management of technical, maintenance, environmental and administrative aspects.

Areas of intervention

» Offices and facilities in the healthcare sector

» Public entities

» Airports and logistics facilities in general

» Shopping malls and corporate buildings

» Real estate

» Industry

» Retail of any size

Euro&Promos; - Energy
Provided services

Energy Integrated Facility Management

We optimise integrated facility services in the event of outsourcing of non-core activities of a company.
We improve the functionality, well-being, productivity and profitability of buildings and workplaces. We facilitate a rational use of energy reducing consumption.

Energy Service

We optimise energy consumption to generate savings and increase energy performance of the building, with certain costs for the customer.

Public lighting

We provide the community with all the experience gained in plant management and technological achievements set to energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

We optimize the energy performance of buildings by analyzing the building / plant binomial to highlight their critical points, and then define the intervention priorities according to the required investments and the times of their return.


We offer a maintenance service of the technological systems available 24/7 and a digital supervisory system that can predict possible malfunctions.

Project Financing

It is a set of financing techniques based on the development of a project and a contract that provides for the construction, or renovation, and management of the structure, through which cash flows can be generated.

These works are financed against long-term contracts with our company. With the necessary amendments, the same service is also applicable to the private market.


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