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Learning, organising, managing, interacting and finally knowing how to relate with the public. In just two words: information and relations.

We are aiming at enhancing services and their rational use, with a multidisciplinary approach using sustainable tools and methods that are advantageous for the community and the client.

As a single point of contact, we manage diversified services with constant control and verification along the full implementation process.
Our group employs qualified and skilled people, sensitive to cultural and social issues.

Lifelong learning, the use of new information technologies, regulatory compliance and ability to communicate with the public, make our collaborators highly reliable.

We love our work, and this allows us to carry it out with serenity and good humour, considering the difficulties that present themselves not as problems, but only issues to be resolved. 

Euro&Promos; - Culture


Crediamo nei libri, nell’arte e nell’accoglienza. In tutto ciò che è sapere e civiltà.
Ed è per questo che ogni giorno insistiamo nel difendere le molteplici declinazioni della cultura e degli spazi che la custodiscono, non limitandoci a gestirli ma a crearne anche di nuovi.

Con tenacia e passione, tentiamo di contribuire alla crescita del nostro Paese, offrendo esperienza e precisione al servizio del bene e del bello.

La nostra pluriennale attività ed esperienza ci ha insegnato l’importanza del cambiamento e della multidisciplinarietà, fattori che oggi ci rendono abili nel diversificare la nostra offerta al cliente.

Ci distinguiamo infatti per l’ampio ventaglio di servizi che spaziano dall’ambito bibliotecario e archivistico a quello museale ed artistico, dal turismo a tutte le attività di accoglienza, vigilanza e organizzazione di eventi.

Areas of intervention

  • Private archives
  • Historical archives of public entities
  • Archaeological areas
  • Public and university libraries
  • Historical and municipal libraries
  • Ticket offices and bookshops
  • Museums
  • Theatres

Types of services provided

  • Management of ticket offices and bookshops
  • Management of library services: front office and back office
  • Computerisation of documents
  • Workshops and readings
  • Event organisation and management
  • Organisation, relocation and setting up of libraries
  • Recovery and reorganisation of public and private archives
  • Cataloguing of artistic and literary works
Euro&Promos; - Educational


Art. 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child reads:

“States Parties recognise the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.”

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.”
With the same passion, we contribute to the process of human growth.

Each activity is designed with attention to the area of reference, the needs expressed and/or implied, the indications provided by municipalities and parents, the type of users and the specific objective to be achieved.

Activities may concern individuals and groups, in formal contexts, such as school, or informal ones, such as entertainment centres and summer camps.

The design is certified according to ISO standards on educational services for minors.

The management is entrusted to a staff that includes people with different professional skills and diversified characteristics, inclinations, competences and responsibilities, all intertwined in the pursuit of the overall objective: to educate by teaching.

Areas of intervention

  • Public entities
  • Private companies

Types of services provided

  • After-school and homework assistance
  • School canteens assistance and supervision
  • Entertainment centres
  • Summer centres
  • Pre- and post-reception
  • Transportation assistance and supervision
  • Contact points for psycho-pedagogical support
  • Nurseries and kindergartens
  • Educational animation
Euro&Promos; - Office Management

Office management

For all interactions with the end customer, whether public or private, in all areas of activity we offer a series of front office and back office services and assistance to the primary activities of the organisation, in a complementary way. 

The most important aspects that characterise our business idea have always been the centrality of the individual and the enhancement of human contact. 

Areas of intervention

  • Public and private entities
  • Healthcare data entry
  • Front and back office

Types of services provided

  • Contact centre and Booking centre service
  • In-patient admission and cash activities
  • Back office activities
  • Data entry
  • Reception and security
  • Call centre according to the standards set out in the UNI EN 15838: 2010 certification


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