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Our goals: efficiency, punctuality, timeliness

Efficiency, punctuality, timeliness. These aspects characterise our employees and the services we offer in the cleaning sector.

We have high-tech machinery and equipment, with high production and energy efficiency, and we adopt a sustainable cleaning model.
Our personnel is highly qualified and constantly updated on procedures and safety, properly briefed and assisted by directors and service managers of proven professionalism.

Cleaning for us is synonymous with responsiveness to daily needs and emergencies, with the guarantee of uncompromising quality.
Head, heart and hands: our efficiency has a human face.

Areas of intervention

» Offices
» Financial institutions and Insurance companies
» Shopping centres and hypermarkets
» Airports
» Exhibition and convention centres
» School complexes
» Hospitality sector

» Wood processing industries
» Food and Drink industries
» Pharmaceutical industries
» Metalworking industries
» Manufacturing industries
» Industrial laundries

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Provided services

In the civil sector

We are engaged in contracts throughout Italy for public institutions and private clients. We know how to handle every type of intervention, designing and implementing services tailored to real needs.

In the industrial sector

We carry out routine and extraordinary cleaning services in all industrial areas, including production, processing and storage, without ever interfering with the operation of the employees on site.

In the Hospitality sector

Outsourcing in the accommodation sector allows us to provide our services, which include cleaning, laundry, linen rental and Room Global Service (cleaning, toiletries, mini bar and laundry).

The customer benefits from this approach in many ways: certainty of dealing with the same staff, daily monitoring of personnel and activities carried out through a dedicated software, quality services at highly competitive prices and the possibility of dealing with a single partner.


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